Dog Walking Service Terms and Conditions

Update on 24 Feb 2024: Due to growing demand from existing customers, we are unable to take in new pet sitting clients. This service is currently only available to existing Barkedclub clients. Waitlist is unavailable but you can follow Barkedclubhouse on Instagram for updates on availability 

Regulars are clients that have used Barkedclub services actively for 3-months or more. With a cumulative session total of 20 sessions. Regulars are entitled to their own rate cards, some flexibilities and exceptions. 

Job Scope

       Photos or videos upon arrival

       Picking up poo during walk

       Walking with your pet based on the agreed duration

The Rates

1) Job will not be executed or confirmed without the 100% upfront payment.

2) This is a strictly dog walking job, for request to sprint during the session, additional fees will be applied depending on duration of sprint. Any cleaning, feeding or request aside from walking is subjected to additional fees or converted to pet sitting. 

3) Slots will only be reserved when payment is received.

4) Non-refundable for any cancellations that are less than 48-hours.

5) Booking payment will be forfeited as cancellation fees for cancellations that occur less than 48-hours’ notice.

6) Bookings/orders without payment within 1 hours will be subject to be released to other customer without prior notice.

7) All stated fees are exclusively for one pet only. Additional RM 20 will be charged for handling additional pets.

8) Dog walking is not available for locations above 15KM. You may refer to the Pet Sitting for service coverage outside of 15KM from Glo Damansara. 

9) Price does not include providing food or assistance to make purchases for the needs of pets. If such services are required, it will be quoted separately.  

10) Parking fee is excluded from all quote and will be charged in the final bill.

11) All requirements and expectations must be communicated in writing at least before payment is made. Any add on request may be subject to additional fees.

12) For any requirements communicated during the booked session, BarkedClub will not be accountable for failure to deliver if any instructions are missed. Kindly ensure to communicate expectations and requirements BEFORE the pet sitting session.

13) For same day booking, 100% payment in advance is required and 15% surcharge may be applied on weekdays and 30% on weekends.

14) Working hours are from 9AM-5PM from Monday to Saturday, RM 40 surcharge may be applied for any jobs outside the stipulated working hours.

15) Once payment is made, booking timings are allowed to be changed based on the Dog Walkers’ availability. Please inform any changes in timing at least 48-hours before the booking to avoid cancellation fees (payment forfeit) in the event the Dog walker is unavailable.

16) Dog walking service does not include any handling of eletrical, furniture or any other logistical arrangements outside of picking up pet to walk and bring back.

17) Ensure to disclose all health and behaviour issues pertaining the pets, if upon arrival, the dog walker detects an issue with the pet that was not communicated prior, they may reject the job and this may result in a forfeit the booking fee. Especially for distemper, accident or rescue cases. BarkedClub does accept these cases but full disclosure is required for the dog walker to prepare accordingly.

19) For any confirmed booking, customers also agree to have their pets photos and videos taken for the use of BarkedClub’s social media posting and other relevant marketing materials. All reviews are also published on all social media posts and other relevant marketing materials.

Holiday Rates 

The following dates are subjected to Holiday Rates: 
Date Day Holiday
1 Jan Sun New Year’s Day
2 Jan Mon New Year Holiday
22 Jan Sun Chinese New Year
23 Jan Mon Chinese New Year Holiday
24 Jan Tue Chinese New Year Holiday
5 Feb Sun Thaipusam
6 Feb Mon Thaipusam Holiday
8 Apr Sat Nuzul Al-Quran
22 Apr Sat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
23 Apr Sun Hari Raya Aidilfitri Holiday
24 Apr Mon Hari Raya Aidilfitri Holiday
1 May Mon Labour Day
4 May Thu Wesak Day
5 Jun Mon Agong’s Birthday
29 Jun Thu Hari Raya Haji
19 Jul Wed Awal Muharram
31 Aug Thu Merdeka Day
16 Sep Sat Malaysia Day
28 Sep Thu Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
12 Nov Sun Deepavali
13 Nov Mon Deepavali Holiday
11 Dec Mon Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday
25 Dec Mon Christmas Day
The dates in this table are an estimate. We will update this page once the official public holiday dates for 2023 are released.

1) Holiday rates are 30% additional from total booking fee for new customers.

2) Holiday rates are strictly non-refundable and can’t be rescheduled once booking is paid.

3) Barkedclub collaborators and members only need to pay 20% additional from their personalised rate card. It is also strictly non-refundable and can’t be rescheduled once booking is paid. 

Meet and Greet expectations

1) All discussion points in the meet and greet must be recapped in writing by either BarkedClub or pet owner.

2) Meet and Greet must be arranged at least 2-days before the pet sitting slot. In the event that the pet is aggressive towards the BarkedClub’s dog walker during the Meet and Greet, BarkedClub may consider providing a full refund or transfer of credit. The final decision will be at BarkedClub’s discretion. 

3) Unless specifically indicated, BarkedClub will practice caution in handling your pets by their own discretion. Example is socializing your pet with your neighbours pets. BarkedClub will avoid socializing your pets unless explicitly discussed in detail to avoid any risk to your pet.

       During Meet and Greet, please share the:

·      Usual walk route

·      Dos and Don’ts

·      Key arrangement (please inform if keys are to be left where found or BarkedClub will keep the keys till the end of the service). Any grab express or delivery service charges for keys are born by the customer.

4) Please note that if BarkedClub is unable to reach owner to get feedback (10 mins) during the dog walking  session, BarkedClub will decide on behalf of the owner. BarkedClub is not responsible for any outcomes for acting on the owner’s decisions or BarkedClub’s decision if it is out of scope of the agreed tasks.

5) If the walk is unable to take place due to weather, as long as BarkedClub did not arrive at the customer’s location then the session may be moved to another time and date. If the weather is not favourable for the walk upon arrival, BarkedClub may replace walk with indoor play or minor indoor cleaning (if pet goes to bathroom at home). Other factors that may result in walk cancellation on the job is stray dogs in the area that are prone to attack, rain and other possible risk factors that could endanger your pet. 

At no given point in time will BarkedClub unleash your pet when outdoors even with your permission as a safety precaution.

6) If for any reason the keys or any issues that may result in cancellation, the forfeit clause will take effect.



Thank you for patiently waiting and reading this terms and conditions. If you are reading this, it means you’d like to be our regular or use our services but are on the waitlist. Here is our considerations that you can leverage on to come out of the waitlist. 

(1) Politeness of client (not the pushy, try to control) 

(2) Flexibility – Currently we already have clients filling up morning & evening slots. Hence, priority will be given to clients that need ad hoc assistance in the afternoon. 

(3) Does not ask for discount. Discounts are given at the discretion of Barkedclub. 

(4) Location – our regulars are currently in DPC, Damansara Heights, Damansara areas. If its ad hoc client, we are able to service outside these areas but for regulars we will prioritise those in these areas.

(5) Can walk your dog no matter rain or shine or not cancelling due to weather conditions. It means that if you say the service will still proceed even though it rains, then likely we will opt you out the waitlist. The reason is because we are juggling multiple clients who have multiple situations that might lead to a cancellation, in order to sustain this as a business, we need to work with clients that has the least probability to cancel.

(5) Weekday request not weekend. We are already fully booked on weekends at the moment so we will prioritise clients for weekday slots.

(6) Service timing is between 12PM-4PM  

As this service is currently being provided by one person, we are doing our best to manage to ensure a smooth & uncompromising service to our clients. 

Service Level Agreement

1) BarkedClub is fully responsible for fulfilling requirements that have been communicated and agreed before the dog walking session starts.

2) BarkedClub prioritises the safety of your pets above all else.

3) BarkedClub will provide updates which will include number of bathroom visits and take photos to show the healthy feces (photo provided upon request during pet sitting duration only).

4) BarkedClub will send a message to owner to inform arrival with photo and departure time during each session.

5) If for any reason BarkedClub is unable to deliver a session that was booked, BarkedClub will source for an alternative service provider and cover the full cost. BarkedClub will provide the earliest notice. In the event BarkedClub is unable to provide an alternative service provider, BarkedClub will provide a full refund of the missed session and other compensation as seen fit by BarkedClub.

6) All customers may share BarkedClub’s contact to your neighbours so BarkedClub is contacted in case of emergency to transport your pet to the nearest vet. Emergency surcharge of 30% is waived for customers that are using BarkedClub’s pet sitting service in that duration.

The Template : 
Date/Time: Example
Meet and Greet : 20/4 – 6pm
1/5 - 7pm
2/5 - 7am & 7pm
3/5 - 7am
Your home address:
(For more than 1 pet, please use one template for 1 pet)
Name of Pet:
Pet Breed and type (cat or dog):
Neuter status:
Regular vet name and address (for emergency):
Food allergies (pet taxi may provide treats please remark N/A if you don’t want us to provide any treats):
Date of birth (to be eligible for birthday rewards):
Medical history:
Emergency contact if owner unavailable:
*Kindly note that BarkedClub may arrive 10-20 mins earlier or 10-20 mins later from the above time*.

BarkedClub’s service number 1 priority is to keep your pets safe.  

This T&C will be updated as needed. Once booking payment is made, you have agreed to all the terms and conditions stated here. Kindly refer here before confirming any bookings with BarkedClub.

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