Basic Dog Ownership Guide

Get started on the right paw

Dog ownership is such an amazing journey to be on. This article is designed for first-time dog owners to just give you a basic understanding of your dog’s needs. To be fair, this is about 30% of the basic foundation but it’s a start!

This article is suitable for: 

  • First time dog owners
  • Aspiring dog owners

Other things you should read about that is not included in this article are:

  • A dog’s needs based on their life cycle
  • Nutritional needs of a dog
  • Enrichment for dogs
  • Breed-related traits
  • Potential breed related health issues
  • Estimated medical cost based on dog’s breed, life-cycle and other potential risk factors
  • Dog’s communication and psychology

This article does include: 

  •  Things to buy to welcome your new dog home
  • What you should never feed your dog
  • Walking Schedule guideline
  • Youtube Channels to watch for basic dog training
  • List of vet and emergency hospital in Klang Valley
  • Signs to take your dog to the vet 
  • Basic health needs for your dog
  • Where to board your pet in PJ and KL?
  • The Law and Dogs
  • Instagram pages you should follow to get up to speed

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